Bessie Marchant–Daughters of the Dominion

50 _B3V0603 MarchantBessie Marchant (1862–1941) Daughters of the Dominion: A Story of the Canadian Frontier, Illustrated by William  Rainey, R.I. London &c: Blackie & Son, Limited, 1909. First edition.

Right alongside “write what you know,” advice to authors has always been “write what sells.” Lettres d’une Peruvienne is an excellent example. Bessie Marchant wrote at least thirty-seven young adult books set in the Americas, from the Andes to the Pampas to the Everglades to the Northland; other titles were set in India, Turkey, and South Africa. Not only were they all thrilling tales, glorious page-turners, but they were also published and republished in irresistibly gorgeous pictorial bindings. They were a favorite for British school prizes, this one for First Class to Edith Wardle at Upperthorpe,  Sheffield in July 1909. Not once did Bessie ever set a toe outside England.


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