Suggested Reading


First, read the books in the OK, I’ll Do It Myself exhibition (on line or via interlibrary loan), meanwhile hasten to buy multiple copies of Jacky Fleming’s hilarious The Trouble With Women (Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Publishing or London: Square Peg, 2016) to keep and to give away; then consider the following:

First White Women Over the Rockies, Edited by Clifford Drury, 1963-6 (should be reprinted!).
Western Women: Their Land, Their Lives / Edited by Lillian Schlissel, Vicki Ruiz, and Janice Monk. 2003.
-— Women on the North American Plains / Edited by Renee M. Laegreid and Sandra K. Mathews, 2011.
Women’s Diaries of the Westward Journey, 1992.
– Armstrong, Susan. Everything
– Brooks, Geraldine. Caleb’s Crossing, 2011.
– Rachel Calof’s Story: Jewish Homesteader on the Northern Plains, 1995.
– Ceruti, Constanza Llullaillaco: Sacrificios y Ofrendas en un Santuario Inca de alta Montaña, Universidad Catolica de Salta, 2003.
Plains Woman: The Diary of Martha Farnsworth: 1882-1922, 1986.
– Greenwood, Marianne. The Tattooed Heart of Livingston, 1966. Also the documentary film, “Moståndare till Längtan” [“Catch the Moment”], 2008.
– Grey, Sam “Decolonising Feminism: Aboriginal Women and the Global ‘Sisterhood’,” 2004.
– Hampsten, Elizabeth. Read This Only to Yourself: The Private Writings of Midwestern Women 1880-1910, 1982.
– Inskeep, Steve. Jacksonland, 2015.
– Jack, Ellen. Colorado Gambler
– Jameson, Elizabeth. Everything
– Kreig, Margaret B. Green Medicine, 1964.
– Leibovitz, Annie. Pilgrimage, 2011.
– Stern, Richard. “Janet Lewis”
– Long Soldier, Layli. Whereas: Poems, 2017.
– Luchetti, Cathy & Carol Olwell. Women of the West, 1982.
– Mann, Charles C. 1491: New Revelations of the Americas before 1492, 2012.
– Todd, Kim. Chrysalis: Maria Sibylla Merian and the Secrets of Metamorphosis, 2007.
The History of Louisa Barnes Pratt: Being the Autobiography of a Mormon Missionary Widow and Pioneer, Edited by S. George Ellsworth, 1998.
– Renville, Mary Butler. Dispatches From the Dakota War, Edited by Carrie Reber Zeman and Kathryn Zabelle Derounian Stodola, 2009.
– Riley, Glenda. Everything
– Robinson, Jane. Everything, especially Parrot Pie for Breakfast, 1999.
– Sneve, Virginia. Completing the Circle, 1995
– Stratton, Joanna L. Pioneer Women Voices from the Kansas Frontier, 1981.
– Ulrich, Laurel. Everything
– Varley, Molly K. Americans Recaptured: Progressive Era Memory of Frontier Captivity, 2014.
– Wulf, Andrea. The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World, 2016.
– Lewandowski, Tadeusz. Red Bird, Red Power: The Life and Legacy of Zitkala-Ša, 2016.