C.P. Traill–Canadian Wild Flowers

65 _B3V0709 TraillCatharine Parr Strickland Traill (1802-1899) Canadian Wild Flowers. Painted and Lithographed By Agnes Fitzgibbon, With Botanical Descriptions By C. P. Traill. Montreal: Printed  and Published by John Lovell, 1868. First edition.

Up until 1868, Canadian books were printed and illustrated in Britain. This large-format study, one of the first serious botanical works on indigenous plants, was home-produced. Readers have long delighted in the graceful, yet scientifically precise text by Catharine, and in the beautiful hand-painted lithographs by her niece, Agnes Dunbar Moodie Fitzgibbon. Canadian art and literature would never have become this amazing this early without the arrival of the prodigiously talented Strickland sisters, Catharine and Susanna.