Juliette Gordon Low

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Juliette Gordon Low (1860-1927) How Girls Can Help Their Country, Adapted from Agnes Baden-Powell and Sir Robert Baden-Powell’s Handbook [by Juliette Gordon Low]. NY: G.S.A. National Council, 1917.

Long, long ago, during a rainstorm as I sat on the dirt in a pup-tent at Girl Scout summer camp in Philadelphia, I realized my own keenest desire while in the wilderness – was to not be there. That would mature slightly into awe at those girls and women who went therein, voluntarily or not. This small but information-packed volume is from the intermediary state in the organization. Juliette Low had established an American organization based on and shadowing the British model in 1912-13. Here she takes the next step, publishing a local version of the handbook, sticking in a few pages at the end about The Star Spangled Banner and a reading list of mostly American authors, but still focusing on girls’ readiness for war on the home-front. Since then GSA has nurtured millions of equally bewildered young women in finding a place of confidence and control of their environment and care for the environment.